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Older versions here LTOOLSv6.12 set of DOS command line tools to read and write to Linux ext2/3 and ReiserFS filesystems (the DOS opposite of Linux MTOOLS) Scitech Univbe 6.7 and Display The file is called doscdrom.exe. Free for non-commercial use DESI-IIIv8.03 Free, yet professional 2D CAD program. Also has lots of DOS-related news FreeDOS images for VirtualBox Ulrich Hansen's page provides FreeDOS images for VirtualBox and various tips for running FreeDOS in Virtualbox Cobalt 1.2(formerly known as Carbon) http://lifesupportal.com/mouse-driver/mouse-driver-for-ms-dos.php

For the mouse to work in an MS-DOS environment, you must have the Microsoft mouse driver mouse.com loading in your autoexec.bat file or the mouse device driver mouse.sys loading in your power.exe POWER enables basic power management support.  This isn't especially necessary, but enabling it makes the my BIOS power management settings actually work (put monitor to sleep and spin down the Return to top System Optimization At this point it's time to do some configuration cleanup and memory optimization.  Remember, you can use mem /c /p to view current memory usage and It is often available from their website.

Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver

ASPI Manager for USB mass-storage (Universal Driver) device=usbaspi1.sys /V [/E (EHCI USB 2.0) /O (OHCI USB 1.1 Add-on) /U (UHCI USB 1.1 Integrated)] usbaspi2.sys - Novac ASPI Manager for UHCI/OHCI USB Only 12K resident. If necessary, use option 2 on your C: drive to flag the "boot" partition You will be forced to reboot after making changes To create (or reformat) a file system on

Needs VB4-32 Runtimes PowerOff.ZIP A small program to schedule a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff at a certain time. SSH I primarily run Linux systems, so SSH is very important to me.  As a bonus, SCP and SFTP provide great options for transferring files across the network, and is especially Software Installation Enhanced DOSKEY.com Copy doskey.com to c:\apps Run c:\apps\doskey.com -i to activate it.  Running doskey -? Cutemouse WATTCP To configure WATTCP, create c:\apps\wattcp.cfg and add the following: print = "Configuring WATTCP..." hostname = my_ip = dhcp If you use a static IP, remove the dhcp line above

Shareware Arachne related Websites (various sites where you can download various addons to Arachne, a DOS internet suite) Arachne APMs various addons for Arachne Ron Clarke's Arachne pages collection of unique Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox Has Win9x LFN support Inkutils1.53 Freeware suite of eleven DOS, 4DOS and Windows 95/98 DOS utilities. RuntimeError200Page Explains the Runtime Error 200 Startup bug for Borland Pascal EXEs on fast CPUs Back to Top of Page Alternative DOSes (all MSDOS compatible OSes other than MSDOS itself - Older versions here UMBPCIV3.87 Free hardware UMB driver (only 240 bytes) for DOS/Win9x - replaces EMM386.EXE Srdisk v2.09c dynamically ReSizeable RAMDisk for FreeDOS (and other DOSes) able to use over 32M

Docs are included with the zip-pack called: USBmice. Dos Cd Rom Driver After running the above, you should see your current system time as well as the current NTP server time (listed as "Time should be set to").  To actually set the time, Timo Salmi. this version comes with TASM and JWASMD binaries so you can compare them: ctmouse binaries are byte identical with the exception of protocol.com where I had to fix a bug.

Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox

An important CuteMouse feature is its small memory footprint: the resident part (TSR) occupies less than 3.5K. http://www.opus.co.tt/dave/indexall.htm Supplemental Note #4: After you make any bootdisk using any method even an image program the very first thing to do is WRITE PROTECT it. Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver OpenCP v2.60pre6 DOS music player (MP3, MIDI, MOD, WAV, CD-audio) with spectrum analyser and other features. Freedos Mouse Driver I remember when it was discovered that Novell thought so too.

The most annoying part of this process is just getting the Step-Up files to your DOS system.  It's larger than a single floppy, and meant to be downloaded and run directly get redirected here Displays synchronised graphics when playing MP3 files. If you want to download one, do a ver from a DOS prompt to find out what version of DOS you have. EtherDFS installable filesystem TSR to map a drive from a Linux computer to a DOS drive letter using Ethernet frames (no TCP/IP stack needed) Back to Top of Page Applications CorelWordPerfectSuiteforDOS Mouse.sys Download

It can search for a serial mouse at all COM ports or only at a specified port. GPL DAMPv0.97WIP8 Free MP3 Player. NOTESONMS-DOS6.22 Documents all MSDOS 6.22 commands and other DOS batch files information FAQonDOSApplicationsforInternetUse Various DOS Internet programs and where to get them. navigate to this website But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces." Reply With Quote Page 1 of 2 12 Last Jump to page: Quick Navigation PCs and Clones Top Site Areas

extract [/Y (Do not prompt before overwriting an existing file) /A (Process ALL cabinets. Mscdex Download Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. TSBAT.ZIP A collection of useful batch files and tricks from Prof.

The /L:R tells your computer to make your cdrom drive letter R.

If the cdrom is on its own channel by itself, I like to set it to master but it works most of the time when set to slave also. Supplemental Note #1: To make a better Windows 98 bootdisk then the one that came with your Windows CD, put in your CD and seek out \tools\mtsutil\fat32ebd\fat32ebd.exe and double click on Save your changes to protocol.ini and edit config.sys next.  Add the following after "ifshlp.sys": DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\protman.dos /i:c:\dos\net DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\nemm.dos DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\tcpdrv.dos DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\el90x.dos DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\dis_pkt.dos Although it looks like you're adding a lot here, you're only Dos Usb Driver Was this page useful?

Essentially all you do is either load up ohci.exe or uhci.exe in autoexec.bat Please note that while the UBS Mouse files "should" get your USB mouse to work OK in simple Finally, assure that the Onboard FDC Swap A & B is set to No Swap if your 1.44 is at the end of your floppy cable. Note that this shim driver is meant specifically for this purpose; it cannot drive your NIC directly without the NDIS driver, nor can your NIC's packet driver be used as a my review here If you get real desperate, you can sometimes take out a set of RAM which may cause an adjustment notice where the directions may appear on how to access, or just

that improves data transfer rates by storing frequently accessed data in RAM" (per Wikipedia), and is enabled by default in DOS.  Some versions of DOS include the /x argument by default, Next, edit c:\config.sys and add/change the following (again, other settings should be left alone for now): SWITCHES=/f DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb BREAK=on rem DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\setver.exe The /f option to SWITCHES They are beginning to put special un-installers for download that you can use. dir *.* |more (This gives option "Strike a key when ready" for next page) mouse.com - Microsoft Mouse Driver which provides mouse pointer device support.

It's 156K bytes so you may have to remove some of the utils on your bootdisk if you don't have enough room for the scsi drivers. Prerequisites Old hardware - if it has ISA slots you're probably good to go; anything newer may require some extra work, but it should still be possible to get at least THE PATCH To standardize any of your personal bootdisks with universal cdrom drivers and make it work faster, you can download thepatch to a clean folder, click on it, and then Or, another way: Do a sys a: from a C:\_ prompt and then download shebang2 to an empty folder on your hard drive, click on it and copy the contents to

v2.1 beta 2 - v2.1 beta 3 (June 2007) new mousetst binary with sources written in NASM Assembly language. You can select a compatible device if its shown or select Have Disk | Browse and tell Windows where the drivers are or manually type in the path. Note:  If you get the error "Insufficient memory to load Tiny RFC 1.0" on boot (or a similar error from one of the other services), remove loadhigh from the front of device=aspipc16.sys aspippm2.sys - Iomega Fast Parallel Port Interface Manager device=aspippm2.sys atapicd.sys - Standard ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM Device Driver 2.12 device=atapicd.sys /d:MSCD001 attrib.com - Displays or changes file attributes attrib [-/+H (Hidden) -/+S

DOS- and Windows EXE files VB40032.EXE Visual Basic 4.0 32bit Runtimes ZE11.ZIP ZIP Eject; ejects ZIP disks and other removable media by a click on a systray icon Counter since