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It's just a matter of filling in the gaps regarding the other devices in the mk3 family and discovering all their quirks. :-) I note that you own an 8pre. Regarding supercollider, I think that will be fine for testing. I do have notes and captures which should allow me to implement this (at least for the interface I'd borrowed) but to date I haven't had a chance to get back Scott Re: Testing and/or contribution Permalink Submitted by scazan on Tue, 07/10/2012 - 23:14 oh, just in case it matters. More about the author

And who use 96khz? Let me know if I can help in any way! i own an m-audio 1010lt, and it works like a charm with linux. i'm very new to multi-track digital recording, and i have noticed that some hardware devices and apps have limitations as to how many tracks can be recorded at once.

Motu Ultralite Mk3 Driver

Thanks for the tip. While it is unlikely that drivers will be available for Linux in the future, any updates will be announced on MOTU.com. for now, just read what the FFADO readme says.. "´╗┐Note: the support for these devices is based on a significant reverse engineering effort.

Now its really clear why motu doesn't want to help us. When i opened the box i found an extra usb connector (female). MOTU units come with Audiodesk(Digital Performer Lite) and the editing became a nightmare. Motu Cuemix Ordinarily this isn't a problem because production systems wouldn't be running git snapshots.

Top Login or register to post comments Sun, 2011-09-04 02:38 #10 Gae Offline Joined: 2011-09-01 Posts: Thanks Paul. Motu Firmware Updater Program Thank you. As it turns out, someone has in fact lent me an 828 Mark 3 device - it's sitting just to my right as I type this. To give you a concrete example, the existing MOTU support was initially developed for the original Traveler (which was of the "mark 2" vintage even though it didn't include this in

In amongst these should be a series of "checking for" messages related to jack, followed by a summary line (or lines) relating to API versioning. Motu Ultralite Avb Out of interest, do you see the same error when you run jackd? You have been warned. If the latter it would seem that these are associated with the polling of the device for information about the streaming status.

Motu Firmware Updater Program

and similarly need to restart a couple of times if changing bit rate .. https://community.ardour.org/node/156 Kyle Sherrod My 1248 has been awesome and flawless on Mac, over USB as this system lacks thunderbolt. Motu Ultralite Mk3 Driver I wrote to MOTU, asking them what was the reason why they don't release Linux driver. Motu Audio Express Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libavc1394.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'libavc1394' found libiec61883 ....... 1.2.0 flags ........... -liec61883 -lraw1394 libxml++-2.6 ...... 2.34.1 flags ........... -I/usr/include/libxml2 -I/usr/include/glibmm-2.4

Please let me know if there's anything what I can do. my review here And I am also not able to get any sound going through it. The most obvious one is a failure to run jackd with realtime privileges. Marco Raaphorst 3 ms is extremely low. Motu 828 Mkii Driver

But, thanks. Also, was your wireless turned on or off? Regarding the files matching /usr/lib/libffado*, I guess it's possible there's two versions of FFADO floating around. click site It is not a MIDI sequencer (that requires Ardour 3, which has not yet been released.

MOTU mk3 (PCI-424) Permalink Submitted by xgreenmanx on Mon, 06/20/2011 - 15:16 I have a 2408mk3 (the PCI version not PCIe) and would be more than willing to donate some time Motu 8m There's also a suite of analysis tools with FFT, oscilloscopes, and visual analyzers. To proceed we need to determine a few details.

Audio-I/O continues, but the MIDI-I/O is gone on resume and requires re-plugging the device.

That is, people have successfully used jackd with FFADO to send audio to and from the Ultralite Mk3. I started this thread because I could use a hand, but I'll keep posting my progress so others can learn from my epic failures or hopefully an epic success.Did you get The Optical I/O is ADAT. Motu Ultralite Mk4 Top Login or register to post comments Wed, 2011-07-20 03:16 #7 calimerox Offline Joined: 2007-10-19 Posts: I d say RME products are in the quality range of motu, if you look

But even on a good machine (like what most of us have), you can easily achieve 3-4 ms RTL under most practical situations these days. Quick Links Mark Forums Read Open Contacts Popup Networking Contacts Social Groups User Control Panel Edit Avatar Edit Your Details Edit Options More Chat Room Merchandise Tips & Techniques Video Vault Of course, the fact I don't have a Mark 3 interface to test any of this with will make things interesting once I do get to it. navigate to this website Seemed to be communicating.

I'll deal with them together. Again, contact me via email and we'll set this up. Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libavc1394.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'libavc1394' found flags ........... The most annoying thing is that it produces a rather loud click on my monitor-speakers when I flick the 1818VSL's power-switch.

I'll download it and "by" it, of course. Finally, I can't easily get your email address from the ffado.org website, so pulling my email address out of a ffado-devel post is probably your best bet. Welcome, and thanks for your offer to help with testing. I'll post a followup to this in the next few days once I've had a chance to determine where exactly we're up to with the mark 3 devices in general, and

In any case, there is no sound coming through the MOTU (or from the speakers) when I do that. This version number is probably most easily determined from the output of the "ffado-diag" command. The long and the short of it is that the original UltraLite works well and has been doing so for about a year now. I remember trying to make it work some 11.04 time ago, and miserably failing. =\ Must have missed something.